Dreaming Academy on air

Your passion on demand

Even in this period of emergency and great confusion that Italy as well as other countries are going through, Dreaming doesn’t stop and gives the possibility to continue dedicating its own passion both to its students and to all those who wish it, in safety and without sacrificing the quality of the service.

Through a virtual platform, a real online academy has been recreated: musical, acting, dance, singing and music courses that everyone can follow online, even if the distance and current restrictions don’t allow to reach our headquarters physically!

Contact us for more information on how to access the online courses at the e-mail address info@dreamingacademy.it or with a WhatsApp message to the number 3297777243 and continue to follow us also on our social networks because very soon we will present the NEW TRAINING PROJECTS to which you can access ONLY through our virtual platform!

Don’t let the current circumstances stifle your passions,
let your Art breathe and sent you free!