Projects for schools

Musical would come in your school!

Do you have a dance / singing / acting / musical school?

Would you like to introduce Performing Arts as an added value to your school?
DREAMING ACADEMY proposes personalized paths, making its Italian and foreign teachers available to bring the Musical directly IN YOUR SCHOOL.


Starting from different educational and artistic needs of each school, the most suitable path to meet your needs will be built one ad hoc; starting from the goals of the path, we could established the suitable frequency of the meeting (one-off / once or twice a month / more continuous weekly relationship) as also the kind of teachers involved.

TAILOR-MADE itineraries for any age group and for any level.

An ad hoc path will be built for each age group with specific objectives, always considering needs and goals of the Art Director of the school in which we would operate.
The goals to be achieved can be different: improving expressiveness, improving stage presence up to the creation of real musical performances to be included in your show.

On the other hand, if you want to offer your students a musical course (in which you face all three performing arts), DREAMING, thanks to its Partnership with the “Rock School of London, Performing Arts Awards”, offers structured and continuous courses (by you on site) with very specific goals to be achieved so that students can obtain a recognized diploma at the end of the course, after a final exam. In this case, it will appeal to students aged 6 to 18.

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Listen to Ramona Visconti’s testimony:

Director “ Piccole Stelle ” – Lecce – Partner Dreaming Academy.