Workshop Disney

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”… Disney magic will be the setting for Dreaming Academy!

3 DAYS where you can improve with singing, dancing and acting, working closely with an artist who comes directly from London’s West End and studying repertoire performances from the most famous Disney musicals.

On the third day there will be a small final performance open to parents, friends and relatives of the participants, in order to show what they have learned during the 3 days.
During the event, scholarships will be awarded for various Dreaming events in Italy and London.

Limited available places.
SALE 20% for schools and groups (minimum 5 participants)
SALE for teachers 20%

At the end of April our Academy will have the pleasure of having as a guest one of Mary Poppins’ sweepers, VITTORIO SCHIAVONE, who with his amazing energy will be the leader of this 3-day workshop dedicated to one of the most famous Disney musicals: MARY POPPINS!

The workshop will take place on APRIL 30, 1 and 2 MAY 2021. Every day the participants will follow the lessons from 9.00 to 16.00 with an hour’s lunch break.

It will be a workshop open to children from 8 years of age, mainly dedicated to the study of the repertoire choreographies of the musical in question (with the possibility of dedicating a part of the workshop also to the study of a tap dance sequence).

The workshop will be held at the Dreaming Academy headquarters in Padua. The structure is equipped with a large outdoor terrace of 500sqm, which will make it possible to carry out the workshop in presence if the ministerial anti-Covid provisions allow physical activity only outdoors (always taking into account the rules of prevention of social distancing and following the classic mandatory health protocol), both in case we are in yellow zone and orange zone.

On the other hand, if at the end of April we would be in the RED ZONE or should communicate a general lockdown, the workshop will be postponed.
Scholarships will be offered for the various Dreaming events throughout Italy.


Workshop fee: 210€ participation fee + 40€ annual membership fee

DISCOUNT SCHOOLS AND GROUPS (more than 5 participants) 20%
PROMO “SWEEPER” – if you bring a friend, join the workshop FOR FREE! (for registration until 6/04)
PROMO “WITH A LITTLE SUGAR..” 30% discount on the participation fee (for registrations received from 7/04 till 18/04)
PROMO “TWO PENCE” 10% discount on the participation fee (for registration from 19/04 till 26/04)

The discounts are applicable ONLY on the entire part of the internship and cannot be combined with each other or with other offers.

• The refund of the fee can be requested ONLY in case of postponement of the workshop by the Organization.
• The refund of the fee paid must be requested by e-mail at the address
• The refund of the fee paid will be credited WITHIN 30 DAYS from the date of request of the refund.

For more information and registration contact us at:
Tel +39 329 777.72.43

We are waiting for you many!

Workshop Disney 2016 with Aaron Dwyer