Summer School

Summer School

For children and teenagers aged 6 and up during the summer, starting from the end of school.

Weekly structure of activities: from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 12 AM and from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

( * Possibility of early entry from 8.00 am to make it easier for parents to reach the workplace on time. ).
* Half day / full day option (lunch included)
* Possibility to participate also in single weeks.
* 30% BROTHERS DISCOUNT on the registration of the 2nd child.
* If you have one, you can use the Babysitter BONUS to cover the expenses of the summer camp.


  • From 9 to 12: didactic activity

The children will be followed in carrying out their summer school assignments.
There will be a middle school teacher and an expert educator in specialized learning skills and study methods, therefore they can also be a support to fill any gaps that the children may have following the suspension of normal teaching activities and that distance teaching may not have been able to compensate.
We will provide help to children and teenagers to resume school more peacefully in September, helping them to fill any gaps and shortcomings and being able to face the new program planned for the following year with the necessary tools to follow the programs.

  • From 14 to 18: artistic activities

Singing, dancing and acting lessons with teachers from Dreaming Academy and from other schools in Veneto.

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Phone +39 329 777.72.43