Matilda, Rohal Dahl

Young and old people will be fascinated and delighted by the musical based on the famous children’s novel of Rohal Dahl dedicated to little Matilda Wormwood, a 5-year-old girl who loves reading and has an extraordinary imagination, who had to learn to survive at school and in her family, having as only friend his teacher, the sweet Miss Honey.

But one day Matilda discovers that she has a very special power and decides that it’s time for the grown-ups to learn the lesson.

Directed by Davide Dal Piai and Guido Sciarroni, choreography and Artistic Direction by Alessio Guerra, Musical Direction by Ambra Goffi.

Show in School Edition with the rights of the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, great for schools that deals with themes of bullying, friendship and loyalty.
How to get there and educate children if not with a strong medium like theater?