The decade of the Eighties has just opened and the fates of three women meet in the hyper-hectic offices of Consolidated: tenacious Violet, widow with a daughter, Judy, just left by her husband and
the busty Doralee, who came from deep Texas in search of fortune.

Tired of the climate of injustice and sexism imposed by Mr. Hart, the office manager, they will develop their very personal revenge, with some unorthodox methods … In any case, they will be able to get a full revenge in the office, overturning all the rules.

The directorial adaptation, curated by Vittorio Attene and Bruna Laura Filippini, the choreographies curated by Alessio Guerra and the musical direction by Silvia Girotto, want to offer the public a fun and engaging event, combining the quality of entertainment with live themes, accompanied by the effervescent soundtrack of the music of Dolly Parton.

Musical that brings values of justice to the world of work, mobbing, divorce and the whole vision of women in society.
For this season, 9to5’s production will have two special guests in the cast: I Jalisse, the winning musical duo of Sanremo with the legendary song “Fiumi di Parole”, for the first time they will debut in the world of musical and we could see Fabio Ricci as Mr Hart and Alessandra Drusian as Roz Keith.